I-3802A Project Summary

I-3802A Other Important Documents

I-3802A Dale Earnhardt to Lane Street

I-3802A US 601-29 to Dale Earnhardt

Note about these maps:  The maps below the red line are provided to only show the impacts to properties along I-85 between interchanges and at overpasses.


On the July 24, 2014 meeting, the NCDOT was focused on the major changes to the project shown by the interchange maps above.

If the maps above the red line show a different design than these maps, please use that interchange map as the current proposed design.

I-3802A Project Beginning to Winecoff (property owner impact seems to be less on this latest version)


Lane Road Interchange



Road Area


US 601-29 Interchange

I-3802A Dale Earnhardt Interchange

I-3802A I-85 Project Maps

(Find your property below and zoom in to see the detailed map.)

  • Right of Way acquisition is in process.  Some owners have had appraisers and agents visit their property.
  • Expect to see acquisition efforts speed up in early 2015.

I-3802A I-85 & Interchange Upgrades

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I-3802A Overall Project Map

I-3802A Project Facts

Do you know this project is design-build?

I-3802A Award Letter

I-3802A Bid Info discusses right of way (pg 185-7)

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