Yes, utility lines terribly damage the value of your property, but the utilities way undervalue this impact.  We work with you to obtain fair compensation.

Questions about Electromagnetic Fields? (EMF)

Rightly so, many property owners that are facing the installation of a high tension transmission power line on their property often have concerns about electromagnetic field (EMF) dangers that might exist from these lines.  The utility companies that install these lines are quick to say there is no "causation" between the EMF these electrical eyesores radiate and stunted growth, increased triglycerides, altered biorhythms, cancer or other risks that some have identified as possible when exposed to EMF's. However, others outside the utility industry suggest it is possible some "correlation" exists between transmission lines and dangers to people.

As a result, we recommend you independently investigate the issue fully and form your own conclusion.  Where there are many resources available, a few links are provided below to help you start the research process.

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Union Power Cooperative treating you unfair?

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Eminent Domain Limitations for Utility Companies in NC?  

  • A final route has been selected that follows Hemby Road and Providence Road to the Marvin Substation.  

  • Acquisition is scheduled to start immediately.

  • Easement documents are often very complicated and take more rights than you expect.  Review them carefully and call us if you have questions.

Weddington - Marvin 100kV Transmission Line

Yes! There are limitations on utility companies' eminent domain rights in North Carolina.  In fact, it is possible that some of these limitations might apply to your property in Weddington.   In North Carolina, power companies are known as "private condemnors."  So, they have less power and authority than the NC Department of Transportation.  For example, they cannot relocate you from your property unwillingly.

The big three limitations for the utility company are set out in North Carolina General Statute § 40A-3 , which says: "No such condemnor shall be allowed to have condemned to its use, without the consent of the owner, his burial ground, usual dwelling house and yard, kitchen and garden, unless condemnation of such property is expressly authorized by statute."  

While helping Progress / Duke Energy acquire property, I witnessed a property owner successfully use these limitations to reach an outstanding legal solution.  If you need help doing the same, just let me know.  After handling hundreds and hundreds of parcel acquisitions, I have just about seen it all.

Do transmission lines damage the value of my property?